Bauer Equipment Every Hockey Player Should Own

Dominating the hockey scene, Bauer Hockey, LLC has made a name for themselves since their beginnings in 1927.  As the first company to produce hockey skates, both professional and amateur players have come to trust Bauer equipment for all of their hockey needs.  This article highlights a few pieces of hockey equipment Bauer provides to players of every level and skill set.  


It goes without saying that every hockey player needs a pair of skates. However, which skates you choose to wear is left up to you to decide. 

An average player will go through several pairs when starting out, some may be hand me downs, others may be discontinued, or a discounted design.  With Bauer, skates are designed for optimal fit and performance at any part of the skating journey.

While top of the line skates offer some great features they are not always the best skate for every player. Lightness, protection, comfort, and overall fit all are key factors in the decision on what level skate to purchase. Bauer offers different fit profiles for the overall shape of the foot.

Furthermore, with Bauer’s new 3d fit scanner, you can have your foot scanned into a mold. This will show arch and instep height while suggesting which Bauer model may best fit your foot. 


Another essential item to play the game is a hockey stick.  Like their skates, Bauer has created a product for all ages and skill levels.  From beginning youth sticks to professional-grade sticks, the possibilities are endless.  Beyond the skill level, stick options range in price, flex, curve, and length. If you’re not sure which stick is best for you, a trip to Zwickers can provide the assistance you need to make the best decision.


A crucial element for safety, helmets were not mandated in the NHL until 1997.  Now that every player must wear a helmet, the variations have exploded. Bauer has a large selection of helmets to assure proper fit to reduce the risk of injuries.  Helmets typically have a lifespan of 7 years so most of the time you just want a new helmet before it expires. Optional accessories for helmets include visors, chin guards and ear coverage.  No matter what level you play at, recreational or elite, Bauer has the range of helmets to help keep you protected.

bauer gear

Next time you’re in the market for Bauer equipment, stop into H.A. Zwicker.  Conveniently located in Bedford, we have the ultimate range of hockey supplies your game requires.  If you’re not quite sure what you need, our team of experts are on-site and ready to help! Not only can we match you with the ideal equipment, but we’ll take the time to explain why each piece is the right one for you.  Visit us today!

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