Looking For Massachusetts Hockey Stores? Look No Further.

If you’ve been searching out hockey stores in Massachusetts, you may be a bit overwhelmed with the vast amount of choices out there.  However, now that you’ve found Zwickers, you can have peace of mind that all of your hockey needs will be taken care of. Here at Zwickers Hockey,  we have a team of experienced industry experts at your disposal for expert advice and incomparable service. Catering to our players, Zwickers not only has the abilities but the knowledge to help the youngest of skaters to the professionals.

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A brief look at our history

When it comes to finding a hockey store that can bring peace of mind to your game, knowing their past and industry experience is a must.  Many stores claim that they can help with any need, but Zwickers delivers. In fact, we’ve been delivering since 1932. As the oldest hockey store in Massachusetts, and the second oldest in the United States, you bet we have the experience you’ve been looking for.

Original owner, Homer Zwicker, opened the shop with a skating focus at the forefront.  However, his heart lay within the world of hockey. By the year of 1936, the Zwicker family was the sole resource for skate sharpening for the Boston Bruins; a task they would perform for the next twenty years.

As a second-generation owner, Wayne Zwicker brings not only his industry knowledge that far surpasses the competition, but life experience as well.  In 1998, Wayne had the privilege of attending the Winter Games, where he was given the opportunity to sharpen skates and repair equipment of both the men’s and women’s Olympic hockey teams.  Servicing some of the top skaters in the world, Wayne gained a wealth of knowledge and experience that many shop owners are never provided the opportunity to.

What we can do for your game

As the oldest hockey store in Massachusetts, we not only have generations of knowledge, but we have the newest trends and ideas as well.  By staying up to date, we’re empowered to educate our customers, make suggestions, and know when something won’t work.  

With one of the most prominent reputations in the hockey industry, Zwickers has the capability to help with a wide range of services including (but not limited to):

Superior blade sharpening and radius 

  • Product alterations and customizing  products purchased at Zwickers
  • Relieving the “Bauer” bump pain
  • Repairs on all products sold at Zwickers
  • Rivets, eyelets, stretching

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Now that you’ve been empowered with a few facts about the oldest hockey stores in Massachusetts stop by and meet the team at Zwickers.  Carrying a large selection of equipment and providing professional guidance, Zwickers can give you the best edge for your game. Visit us today at 379 North Road in Bedford, MA.

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