Finding the Perfect Youth Stick with Raven Hockey Gear

At Zwickers, we have an abundance of hockey sticks for all ages and stages of the game. However, Raven hockey gear is focused on designing the perfect youth hockey stick. In this article, we’re taking you into the world of Raven, their philosophy, and explaining why this brand of stick may be the perfect match for your youth.


As we talked about in our previous article, finding your perfect flex will increase your shot power. When it comes to the younger player, the proper flex is critical to learning the game.

Raven designs hockey sticks for younger players providing them with the same flex as the professionals. The innovative design makes it easier for a young player to shoot accurately with maximum power. Even more – Raven hockey gear contributes to better technique and habits.

Optimal flex means more power and accurate shots.

The measurement

As a rule of thumb, hockey players should use a stick with a flex rating that equals less than 50% of their body weight. For example, youth sticks are created for those 3’6” to 4’8” in height averaging 50-90 pounds in weight. With these measurements, you’d consider a stick flex between 30 and 40. On average, a 50 flex will accommodate most young skaters weighing under 100 pounds.

The Raven story

Behind every leader there’s a story. As leaders in innovative hockey gear, Raven Hockey is no exception. In 2010 three dads met on the ice with their boys playing for the same team. Throughout the season, kids grow. It was then that one of the three moved his son from a youth to a junior stick. After cutting the stick down, his son could no longer pass or shoot. Frustrating, of course.

With no results from the big name hockey store where the stick was purchased, the dads put their heads together and created Raven Hockey. Sticks designed for youth, with flex being the top priority.

How the Zwickers team can help

From our beginning in 1932, our family here at Zwickers has been dedicated and committed to supplying players with the optimal hockey gear for ultimate performance. From hands-on experience with professional leagues to taking the ice ourselves, we’re here to answer your questions and help your youth players find the perfect match.

At Zwickers, you’ll find a team dedicated to your needs. Unlike the big named stores where good help can be hard to find, we take the time to ensure all of your game needs are met. From skate sizing to finding the perfect flex, you can be confident in your game when you shop with us.Whether it’s Raven hockey gear or other brands, we have what your game requires. Stop by today and experience hockey the way it was meant to be.

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