Did You Know That Hockey Helmets Can Expire?

When it comes to hockey gear, whether you prefer Bauer equipment or another brand, there are a few things that many people don’t realize. The biggest of those ‘things’ is that a hockey helmet can expire! While most youth will outgrow their helmet before expiration is ever a concern, older skaters should pay close attention.

Know the date of manufacture

While some prefer the word expire, others consider the process as replacing your helmet. Either way, when to replace your helmet depends upon the date of manufacture. Some experts recommend 6 ½ years as the magic replacement number, while others leave the date more open. The latter recommend that hockey helmets be replaced no later than 10 years after the manufacture date. Of course, this all depends on the wear and tear.

Labels to look for

Beyond the date of manufacture, there are other labels that one should become familiar with. Below is an outline:

  • All helmets should state ‘Meets NOCSAE Standard.’ This label means that the helmet model has been tested and meets performance and protection standards.
  • Can the helmet be recertified by an approved NAERA reconditioner? If not, be sure to find the label stating when the NOCSAE standard expires.
  • Again, finding the label stating the date of manufacture is of the utmost importance. Chances are, your helmet will take a beating and require replacement or recertification before the expiration date. However, this label will also provide the information needed should a recall ever occur.

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