Bauer Gear: They Made Hockey Skate History

Some of the earliest ice skates ever created were developed in Finland thousands of years ago! Once a convenient way to travel and hunt, ice skating has turned into a hobby and sport for many. If you’re looking for quality hockey gear, Zwickers Hockey has everything you need from head to toe. Here’s some history on one of the world’s leading hockey equipment manufacturers, Bauer. 

Early Skating

Generally speaking, humans are all about improvement. The first ice skates ever found were made of sharpened animal bones attached to the feet with leather straps. Additionally, as technology improved, copper blades were created. The first double-edged skate blade was invented around the 1500s in The Netherlands. The double-edged blade allowed people to propel themselves with their legs rather than poles. Therefore, it was possible to move much faster on the ice!

The Bauer Supreme

The Bauer family established the Bauer Company as it’s known today in Kitchener, Ontario. They revolutionized the hockey skate in 1933 by creating the world’s first blade that was permanently attached to the boot! This was known as the “Bauer Supreme,” and the name is still used today! Before this change, a skate blade would be attached to the shoes with either straps, buckles, or clamps. 

The TUUK Chassis

In 1994, Bauer began to produce a new type of chassis that revolutionized the sport once again. The chassis is the part of the skate that connects the blade to the sole of the boot. The TUUK chassis replaced tubular blades and allowed for quick and easy blade changes. The TUUK chassis was lighter and more durable, changing up Bauer gear once again!

Bauer Gear at H.A. Zwickers

Here at Zwickers Hockey, we carry the ultimate selection of Bauer gear for top performance. Looking for new skates? We have them! Need a blade sharpening on your favorite pair? We can do that too! At Zwickers, we service what we sell and have been sharpening skates since the 1930s. 

Our mission is to supply players with the hockey gear they need for ultimate performance. We are ready to educate and assist in repairs. Visit our team at Zwickers Hockey, or give us a call if you have any questions at (781) 275-0900.

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