Back To The Basics: Hockey Gear MA 101

It doesn’t matter if you’re brand new to hockey or have played the sport for years; we understand that buying new equipment can be a pain. Your worn-in clothing will be more comfortable, but it might not have the best protection anymore. At Zwickers, we have gear at all price points. We have new and used professional-level equipment for every type of player! Here are the basics of hockey gear in MA!

Base Layers

A base layer is essential to stay comfortable underneath the layers of hockey gear. Long moisture-wicking shirts and pants are a perfect choice. For the best performance, they should be tight-fitting yet still comfortable to wear.

Upper Body Gear

  1. Shoulder Pads: These are to protect the collar bones, upper chest, arms, and shoulders from impact. They should fit comfortably so the pads will not impair movement. Should pads are usually worn underneath a hockey jersey uniform.
  2. Elbow Pads: These protect the bicep and arms down to their gloves. When players wear their elbow pads, they can’t be too tight, or their mobility will be restricted.
  3. Helmet: The helmet is vital to protect the face and jaw from falls, pucks, and hits. It should snug but not painfully tight.
  4. Gloves: Hockey players need gloves to protect their hands, fingers, and wrists as well. As long as they can efficiently move their fingers and grip things while wearing the gloves, it’s okay if they are slightly tighter or looser fitting.

Lower Body Gear

  • Shin Guards: These are imperative for leg and knee protection. They help against contact with pucks, sticks, and players. When picking out the right shin guard, they should not shift around or move while one. 
  • Hockey Pants: These are more than just regular pants. Hockey pants protect the player from the waist to their knees. These are incredibly important for keeping the spine and thighs away from direct hits, falls, and pucks.
  • Hockey Skates: Skates might be the most fun part of all, and they are critical to maintaining the player’s performance. They should be snug to keep up proper support while playing.

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H.A. Zwicker for Hockey Gear in MA!

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