Is CCM Equipment the Most Popular NHL Brand?

When choosing which hockey equipment to buy it can be tough to choose between the numerous brands for different equipment. At Zwickers, our team of onsite experts can help you find the right equipment for you. Overall CCM Equipment is the most used brand among NHL players! Here is the breakdown of different equipment and which brands the pros choose! 


We’ll start from the top – Helmets. Arguably the most important piece of equipment, hockey helmets protect the players no matter how hard the other team hits. As far as the pros are concerned, it’s a pretty even split as far as what they prefer. 43.1 percent of NHL players choose Bauer while CCM comes in a very close second at 42.7 percent. The two most popular helmets are the Re-Akt by Bauer and Vector V08 by CCM. 

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Every hockey player has a strong opinion when it comes to their stick and the pros are no different. Each stick is personalized with a different curve, flex, grip, weight, and length to give each player the edge they need to excel. CCM is the most popular stick brand among NHL players. CCM’s top three sticks are The Super Tacks 2.0, The Ribcor Trigger 2PMT, and the Ribcor trigger ASY. 


The right skates can make all the difference, as can the wrong ones. A hockey player’s skates are like an extension of their body so they need to fit and feel just right. As far as the pros go there is no question which brand is the favorite. Bauer skates make up close to 70 percent of all skates in the NHL with their most popular skates being the Vapor 1X or the Supreme 1S.

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Even though we often see hockey players throw their gloves, they are a key piece of equipment. Hockey gloves are vital for gripping the stick as well as protecting the hands of the players. In the NHL, CCM is the most popular brand of hockey gloves. 35 percent of all players choose CCM with the most popular glove, the Vapor 1X making up over 16 perfect of the entire league’s gloves. 


Last but certainly not least, hockey pants protect the players during some of the most physical parts of the game. Yet again CCM comes out on top as the NHL’s top brand making up over 40 percent of hockey pants. 

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H.A. Zwicker CCM Equipment

Zwicker Hockey is ready to help you pick out the perfect hockey equipment in MA. We are conveniently located in Bedford and can supply you from head to toe. We carry both Bauer and CCM Equipment, as well as a variety of other brands at affordable prices so that you can be outfitted like the pros without breaking the bank.

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