Warrior Hockey: There’s No Feeling Like It

When it comes to choosing the right type of equipment for your game, you probably already know the choices are vast. From Bauer to CCM to Warrior hockey equipment, how do you choose which brand is right for you? At Zwickers, our team of experienced professionals are here to help. We have the knowledge you need to ensure your game is spot on. Here’s a look.

Warrior Covert Collection

Players that rely on quick shots and passes that play mostly below the tops of the circles, this stick is for you. Hardly ever winding up for big slap shots, but instead choosing to generate an offense with wrist shots, the quick release allows for a faster play down low.

The Covert QRE is one of the most technologically advanced sticks to date, with key features designed for better control and feel. New angular edge taper to drive flex energy, precision in shaft shape for puck feel and comfort, a lightweight polymer blade core to enhance feel make shots pop, plus so much more. This is one stick that players won’t want to pass by. We promise.

Let’s talk gloves.

Included in the QRE10 collection is the ultimate pair of gloves. Providing effortless mobility in an anatomical protection package built to play hard, this glove is every player’s dream. Fitting to the natural shape of your hand and wrist, players have maximum mobility with the highest levels of protection.

Cool, dry, odor-free advanced foam that is extremely lightweight to absorb the hardest of slashes and hits, these gloves are sure to quickly become your favorite. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

And, of course, there is the helmet.

Blending the traditional 2-piece construction with advanced comfort, Warrior hockey equipment proudly introduces the newest helmet to their line of products. With snap flaps for a hassle-free fit and cooling vents that allow air flow to keep cool, players have the best of all worlds at the tip of their hands. Intrigued? Stop by Zwickers Hockey and ask our team about Warrior helmets.

Did we mention the QRE line offers pants too?

Yes, you read that correctly. Although they may seem a side note, hockey pants are a crucial part of the gear. Lightweight and mobile, the Warrior QRE10 pants are designed to move naturally, resulting in unhindered movement and protection.

·        Covert taper fit.

·        Impax Foam.

·        Minimus outer shell.

·        Wartech FNC liner.

·        Adjustable leg extension.

·        Need we say more?

When it comes to hockey, Zwickers is your local go-to for personalized service and expert knowledge. From Warrior hockey equipment to other big-name brands, our team is here to ensure you leave with the right gear to enhance your game.

Zwicker Hockey is located at 379 North Road in Bedford, MA.

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