A Closer Look at New Hampshire Skate Sharpening

To ensure that you are at your best when it comes to your level of performance, having freshly sharpened skates can give you that extra boost! However, not all New Hampshire skate sharpening is alike. Make sure that you are getting your skates sharpened by a qualified professional! At H.A. Zwickers, located just over the border in MA, we make sure your skates are kept at their optimal performance level. With over 90 years of experience sharpening skates, you are in great hands! Here are some key things you need to know about skate sharpening!

Back to Basics: Blade Hollow

To understand skate sharpening it’s important to first learn about the blade hollow. When skates are sharpened a hollow groove is cut into the bottom part of the blade. This groove leaves two edges on either side of the blade. This groove is referred to as the radius of hollow. Depending on the preference of the skater, the depth of hollow changes. Adjusting the depth of the hollow can make a huge difference. The best way to determine what depth is best for you is to start with a shallower hollow, such as ¾ an inch, and gradually try a deeper hollow until your blades feel too sharp.   

Regularly Sharpen Your Skates

Numerous factors contribute to your skate’s wear. However, as a general guideline, it’s ideal for your skates to get sharpened once or twice a month for people who skate two to four times per week. In addition to the number of hours between each sharpening, other factors contribute to your blade’s wear. The first is ice quality. If you’re skating outdoors then elements such as leaves, dirt, or other uncontrollable on the ice can dull your blades. This can happen indoors as well. If “coaches” walk across the ice or even the mats from the locker room to the ice can have sand and dirt that has been dragged in. Therefore, the elements of the outdoors will rip through your skate’s blades. The quality of your blades also makes a difference. As you would guess, higher quality steel holds an edge longer and therefore requires less frequent sharpening. 

New Hampshire Skate Sharpening at H.A. Zwicker

As you can see, skate sharpening is highly personalized to the skater’s needs and ability. That is why having someone who knows what they are doing can make all the difference. Located in MA, just a short drive from New Hampshire, H.A. Zwicker’s staff knows the game and knows what it takes to reach your maximum potential. Sharpening skates since the 1930s, H.A. Zwicker has you covered. Make us your go-to for New Hampshire skate sharpening.

Contact us today and have confidence that your skate sharpening job is one you can trust!

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