Bauer Hyperlite: The Quickest Vapor Ever

When it comes to Bauer equipment, hockey players know and trust the brand. Why? Well, for starters, the brand has been crafted superior, reliable solutions since 1927. With nearly a century under its belt, it would be hard not to perfect the craft. However, one of the most significant reasons for the company’s success falls within its constant drive to innovate and push farther than ever before. Which leads us to the newest member of the Bauer family – the Vapor Stick.

Choosing the right stick.

As you know, choosing the right stick is critical for your game. While a lot of the selection process relies on preference, there are other elements to consider. From the type of stick to the length, flex to curve, every detail matters. To learn more, check out our previous article explaining the differences and what stick may be the best for your game, and then, of course, stop by Zwickers for the ultimate, personalized and experienced advice.

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Introducing the Hyperlite.

With a 10% faster dynamic release, 10% easier flex, and 10% more durability, it’s no wonder Bauer is thrilled to introduce Vapor Hyperlite. Known as the quickest vapor ever, this hockey stick is quickly becoming a favorite in the sport.

The hypercore blade is designed to provide more blade pop on more shots. Combined with the enhanced dynamic release, players have quicker shots that lead to more celebrations. Who doesn’t want that? And if that wasn’t enough, the better flex enables you to load your shot with less effort. Of course, such a stick requires increased durability for the ultimate in performance and reliability.

Whether you are starting out and require a youth stick or a seasoned professional looking for a senior level stick, Vapor sticks are available in all ranges, ensuring the ultimate game for every player.

Bauer has genuinely covered it all this time.

If you’re in the market for Bauer equipment or just looking for advice on what may be best for your game, be sure to stop into Zwickers Hockey. With roots nearly as old as the Bauer company, our family has hockey in our veins.

Visit us today at 379 North Road in Bedford, MA, for the ultimate selection of equipment and personalized advice from a team dedicated to the ins and outs of hockey. We look forward to seeing you.

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