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                                                                                The Early Years

In 1932 Homer and Robert Zwicker were living in Arlington MA. during the time of the “Great Depression”. To help the family survive they cut lawns and did yard work in the warmer months. When winter came, they shoveled snow and did anything for a buck.

It so happened that the person who sharpened and repaired their mowers was retiring. They worked out an agreement and the boys owned their first business. They quickly gave up mowing and concentrated on the servicing of small equipment.

Using their heads and repairing abilities they put together some of the earliest skate sharpening machines. They now had a business that would keep them busy year round. Being very good with their hands, their reputation as skate sharpeners grew quickly. In just a few years they were sharpening the skates for the Boston Bruins, Boston College, BU, Northeastern, Harvard and a lot of the hockey and figure skaters in the Boston area.

If you needed your skates sharpened, Zwickers was the place go.

To be contunued…….