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Why Zwickers?

Does it really matter where you buy hockey equipment?

With so many buying options out there your decision may be based on price or ease of purchase. Very few people consider what they get during and after the purchase. Often the descriptions you read online or hear at the rink are not the truth. At Zwickers, we know product. We accumulate a lot of info from manufacturers, reps and asking the right questions to our customers. We want to know WHY something is good or bad.

We also service what we sell. Want to learn about equipment? REPAIR IT!!! Long after the purchase we can save you some headaches by repairing, customizing and servicing your equipment.

Zwickers has been selling and servicing hockey equipment since 1932.

Isn’t theĀ  most expensive equipment the best?

While the most expensive equipment has advantages for certain players, throwing more money at a sport may not equate to better performance. Top end equipment is designed for 200 lb players who are on the ice 7 days a week. This equipment is sometimes too bulky and cumbersome for younger or more recreational players. Break in periods tend to be longer and can actually restrict mobility.

At Zwickers, our knowledgeable staff will size you properly and have you try on different options as needed. We’ll also explain the advantages as well as disadvantages to the different products.